Sustainable Agriculture

Over 60% of India's population still depends on agriculture for their primary livelihoods. Recently, the agriculture sector has faced severe challenges including:

Some of these are
  • Decreasing soil productivity due lack of focus on sustainability
  • Weather related uncertainties
  • Market related uncertainties; falling prices of agri-commodities
  • Slow progress on technology and practices fronts
  • Farm level crop diversity has been neglected in last few decades
  • Lack of access to financial services suited to cash flows of individual farmers

This has led to distressing situations for large populations of rural areas. AKRSP(I) designed its agriculture development activities keeping in mind above points.

Objective of Our Agriculture Program
  • Climate Resilience
  • Income enhancement
  • Food security
What we do
  • System of Root Intensification
  • Conservation Agriculture
  • Non Pesticide Management
  • Organic agriculture
  • Better seeds
  • Promoting crop diversity including legumes, millets etc.
  • Fruits and vegetable cultivation
  • Integration of agriculture with livestock
  • On farm water management by drip irrigation, moisture conservation
  • Irrigation development
  • Market linkages for agriculture commodities
  • Promotion of government supported agriculture insurance
  • Piloting high value crops wherever suitable
Our Achievements
  • Over 180000 farmers reached through sustainable agriculture program
  • Food security ensured for over 100000 families
  • Better Cotton Practices with 23500 Farmers
  • Non Pesticide Management with over 57000 farmers
  • Women involvement in all agriculture activities
  • Market linkages for over 26000 farmers