Renewable Energy

AKRSP(I) has long history of working on energy solutions for rural households. In the early years of our work we promoted biogas at a large scale reaching to over 15000 households. During this time, several experimentations were done with solar and wind energy. Currently there is a large scale AKRSP(I) programme on renewable energy reaching to more than 70000 rural households.

Why Renewable Energy?
  • There are still large numbers of remote villages which are off grid to electric power supply This is particularly more true for Bihar and some parts of tribal regions
  • In many parts, power for irrigation is either absent or unreliable
  • In recent times solar energy costs have come down, hence making it a viable alternative to other power options
  • It can be done in decentralised manner, hence needing minimum external support
  • Solar is a clean energy source which is important for climate change solutions
What We Do?
  • We promote solar energy for domestic use through solar lanterns and micro-grids
  • We train and develop entrepreneurs who work on promotion of solar energy in enterprise mode
  • We promote solar based irrigation schemes through farmer's cooperatives
  • Promoting solar irrigation through entrepreneurs through creating a competitive market for irrigation in Bihar
  • We promote solar cookers, acrylic sheets for natural lights etc.
  • We promote energy efficient cook stoves
Our Progress In Renewable Energy
  • Over 80000 rural households benefitted through solar lights for domestic use
  • Over 2500 farmers have benefitted through solar based irrigation schemes in turn increasing agriculture production