AKRSP(I) believes education is the backbone of society. One of the key reasons for inter-generational poverty is the fact that children of poor (and asset-less) parents receive poor or incomplete education, which disables them from reaching their true intellectual and educational potential, leaving them with less livelihood options. Our education programme is now more than five years old, and has a recognized relationship with the government education system.

Objectives of our Education Programme
  • Preparing children in the age group of 3 to 6 years for formal education in schools
  • Improving learning levels of children in primary classes
  • Mainstreaming drop out children
  • Empowering adolescents, especially drop out adolescent girls
  • Ensuring 100% enrolment and retention of children in schools where we work
  • Encouraging students from tribal communities to go for higher education
Components of our Education Programme
  • School Improvement Program
  • Learning and Migration Program (LAMP)
  • Anganwadi Improvement Program
  • Early Childhood Development Centres
  • Supporting Meritorious Students from Tribal Communities for Higher Education
  • Community and Local Governance Engagement in Education
Our Activities
  • Capacity building of primary school teachers on pedagogy, learning material, community engagement, learning assessments etc.
  • Encouraging learning activities for children
  • Capacity building of School Management Committees (SMCs)
  • Right to Education (RTE) awareness campaigns
  • Learning Resource Centres
  • Mini Libraries in schools and other public places
  • Developing citizen volunteers to work on education in their villages
  • Improving basic infrastructure like drinking water and sanitation in schools
  • Facilitating hygiene education in schools
  • Capacity building of Anganwadi workers
  • Supporting Anganwadis through creating better learning environment
Our Rules
  • Our education activities reach to 1118 schools benefited over 83850 children every year across Gujarat, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh
  • Our Early Childhood Development activities support over 690 child development centres benefitting over 26000 children every year across Gujarat, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh