Vacancy Detail

Marketing Manager

Location: Sayla, Dangs, Gadu (Gujarat) and Muzaffarpur (Bihar)

Education: B.Sc. (Agri) / MBA (Marketing)

Experience: 3 to 5 years of Agri input and output supply in a farmer producer company or Non-Government Organization (NGO)

Skills & Competencies required
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and Gujarati.

  • Ability to work in large teams and institutions; needs to be comfortable dealing with ambiguity, as well as situational authority and leadership.

  • Solution-oriented, creative problem-solver, who can be versatile and is willing to work around obstacles.

  • An ability to lead and work in teams and set an example for high quality work is essential. Must be willing to work independently and to multi-task.

  • Must share a sense of urgency about development and be committed to improving lives of the farmers. 

  • Hard working 

  • Can prepare plan, Set Targets and Achievement Oriented.

  • Good computer knowledge, prepare PPT and project progress report.

Job Profile
  • Prepare detail input and output business plan for all 8 FPC and ensure its timely implementation.

  • Marketing Manager will be responsible to ensure that FPC is able to reach minimum 70 % member through input and output supply activities. 

  • Marketing Manager will be responsible to ensure that all the 8 FPC’s have all required licenses for handling the input marketing and output marketing business and meet all the compliances and statutory requirements for the same.

  • The Marketing Manager will also be responsible/facilitate for the orientation and training of FPC field workers for assessing the quality of commodity, procurement procedure, and storage and material handling process to ensure that they contribute effectively to the FPC output business.

  • Develop a system of collection and compilation the information on season wise inputs and output demands in advance by interacting with Farmer Interest Group (FIG) and Cluster Level Association (CLA) and producer company Board members. The plan should have commodity wise requirement including the details about quality and quantity for each cropping season.

  • Marketing Manager will lead the assessment survey in each season to identify commodity it’s quantity and quality available for output marketing through FPC field workers. 

  • Prepares procurement and logistic plan for every Farmers Interest Group (FIG) and assign realistic targets in consultation with FPC Chief Executive officer (CEO) and Field workers and do all required facilitation to achieve these targets. 

  • In consultation with in consultation with Team Leader  Drip Irrigation Project and Board of Director (BOD)’s and CEO establish the procurement centers with all necessary equipment’s and infrastructure.

  • Establish advance linkages with potential buyers including institutional buyers and keep a close track on the market tends including daily pricing from various mandis to facilitate the marketing of farm produce at remunerative price so that FPC and its members both get benefitted.

  • Establish the system for eMarketing by registering the FPC’s on various trading platforms.

  • Ensure that FPC’s are compliant with all the statutory requirements for output marketing.

  • Manage the business growth, Monitor the buyers demand, realization of money from sales. 

  • Marketing Manager will prepare fund request plan in consultation with Team Leader Drip Irrigation Project and present the same in BOD meeting for their approval. 

  • Coordinator will prepare and submit MIS report to the team leader and ensure all file and documents upkeep.

  • Based on this collected demand prepare a plan and establish linkages with various input companies for ensuring the timely availability of inputs at competitive price to FPC/members.

  • Ensure the advance estimation and planning of Fund requirement and sanction from producer company Board of Director (BOD).

  • Facilitate the procurement and delivery of input materials from input companies to FPC and further to its members.

  • Prepare the strategy for marketing of input and output at village level and collection of sales amounts.

  • Developing a transparent system of finance for input and output marketing.

  • Promoting the digital transaction between the FPC and its members.

  • Analyze the sales and monitor the input and output marketing to keep the business profitable for FPC and it ensures the access of quality desired input and output activities to farmers at competitive price.

  • Develop the necessary template and record keeping system to track the input and output marketing.

  • Attend FIG and C.LA meeting for input and output demand collection as and when required. 

  • Present the plan and discuss planning in BOD meeting and seek their consent on the plan. Based on the feedback / suggestions from the BOD members, analyze revise and update the plan accordingly.

  • Present the progress against planning in the BOD meeting.

  • Capacity building of team and FPC members of input and output marketing.

  • Any other responsibility assigned the Team Leader Drip Irrigation project.


  • Benefits:

  • Excellent opportunity to be part of Internationally renowned NGO. 

  • On site and off-site in-depth training for all profiles.

  • 5 days week and flexible working hours.

  • Medical insurance for all team members, their spouse, and children.

  • Maternity and paternity leaves.

  • 15 General Leaves in a year. Additionally, there are 16.5 earned Leaves which can be encashed if not availed. There are also 10 declared holidays and 3 optional holidays for all team members. There is Diwali break for 5 days ever year. Women team members can avail 2 days of work from home every month during menstrual periods if required.


  • Note: Kindly mention the Location you are applying for


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